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Ремень IRIEDAILY Stainless Rubber Belt (Navy-350, O/S)

Ремень IRIEDAILY Flag Rubber Belt (Black-700, O/S)

Mark Sonnenschein F. Polyurethanes. Science, Technology, Markets, and Trends

A complete overview of a key plastic One of the most versatile polymer materials, polyurethanes have a unique chemical nature that allows for shaping and molding to fit all sorts of consumer and industrial products – seat cushions, carpets, insulation, coatings, and refrigerators to name a few. Despite its popular uses, polyurethane science has only relatively recently achieved appreciation for the richness of its expression as a polymer family. This book provides a thorough presentation of polyurethane science, technology markets and trend analysis based on recent patents. Although it does not provide ultimate detail (such as explicit information typically in patents), the book has a flow and continuity that allows readers to find all the background necessary to understand any other more detailed polyurethane information found elsewhere. Anyone involved in the polymer and plastics industry will find this book a key resource with features that include: An in-depth summary of the current state of polyurethane research and knowledge Discussion of the applications, manufacture, and markets for polyurethanes Analytical methods, reaction mechanisms, morphology, theoretical techniques, and the selection of chain extenders Polyurethane flexible and rigid foams, elastomers, coatings, adhesives, and medical applications In-depth coverage of governmental regulations, non-isocyanate/non-phosgene routes to polyurethane structure, and industrial routes to environmental, health, and safety risk mitigation

12137.79 RUR



Stuart Albert When. The Art of Perfect Timing

An elegant and counterintuitive guide to achieving perfect timing Timing is everything. Whether we are making strategic business decisions or the smallest personal choice, we must decide not only what to do, but when to do it. Act too early—or too late—and the results can be disastrous. Based on a 20-year investigation into more than 2,000 timing issues and errors, When presents a single and practical approach for dealing with timing in life and business. Good timing, Albert argues, is not just a matter of luck, intuition, or past experience—all of which may be unreliable—but a skill. He describes that skill and details the tools and methods needed to conduct a successful timing analysis. The book is the first to offer an efficient and comprehensive way to think through any timing issue Filled with dozens of lively stories illustrating good and bad timing in all walks of life—business, warfare, medicine, sports, entertainment and the arts Written by Stuart Albert, one of the foremost timing experts in the world and developer of the first practical, research-based method for turning the skill of timing into a competitive advantage Engaging and counterintuitive, When will show everyone, regardless of the work they do, or the life they live, that «it's all in the timing.»

1766.31 RUR



Тушь для ресниц «Объем и удлинение» Cosmia, Noir

Тушь-объем для ресниц с удлиняющим эффектом.Гипоаллергенная, удлиняющий эффект и придание объема.Cosmia разработала гамму гипоаллергенных косметических средств для чувствительной кожи. Все средства протестированы под контролем дерматологов и не вызывают реакций на чувствительной кожи.Состав: Аqua, glycerin, polyurethane-35, talc, glyceryl stearate, sucrose palmitate, myrica pubescens fruit cera, paraffin, hydrogenated olive oil, glyceryl behenate, polybutene, polyurethane-34, pvp, hydrogenated polyisobutene

530 RUR

Cosmia похожие


Ручки шариковые Carandache Office Alchemix Rubber/Matt Chrome

FLEXI Flexi Vario аксессуар Duo Belt S (cворка) коричневая

Flexi Vario аксессуар Duo Belt S (cворка) коричневая

260.55 RUR

FLEXI Flexi Vario аксессуар Duo Belt S (cворка) коричневая похожие


Ремешок для мешочка магнезии Singing Rock Belt

Ремешок для мешочка магнезии Belt.

  • Материал: полиэстер

220 RUR

Singing Rock Belt похожие


Perfeo Rubber PF-RUB-RED/BLK Red-Black

Нож тренировочный FE9 Training Knife Rubber

Нож тренировочный FE9 Training Knife Rubber

1930 RUR



Увлажнитель воздуха Polaris PUH 2605 rubber

Гермомешок SealLine Sealline Discovery View Dry Bag 20L оранжевый

Гермомешок Discovery View Dry Bag 20L из полупрозрачного материала. Воздушный клапан PurgeAir позволяет выпустить воздух при упаковке. Овальная форма дна предотвращает перекатывание мешка.


  • Объем 20 л.
  • Материал: Transparent polyurethane film body; 300D polyurethane-coated polyester bottom.
  • Воздушный клапан PurgeAir.
  • Смотровое окно.
  • Застежка DrySeal.
  • Размер: 15 х 25 х 53 см.
  • Вес: 280 г.

2690 RUR

SealLine Sealline Discovery View Dry Bag 20L оранжевый 20L похожие


Компьютерная мышь Speedlink CALADO wireless rubber black

Фонарь ENERGIZER FL IMPACT Rubber 2 мизинец

Варежки мужские Red Fox Traverse III, цвет: черный. 1061526. Размер XL (25/26)

Мужские утепленные рукавицы для зимних видов спорта. Основные характеристики: усиление в области ладони карабин для состегивания рукавиц вместе или крепления к одежде Основное назначение: ARCTIC, CITY & TRAVEL Материал1: 100% Polyester, 169 g/sqm,W/P 10000 mm, breathability 5000 g/sqm, DWR Материал2: 69% Polyurethane, 31% Polyester, 480 g/sqm Усиление: 58% Polyester, 42% Polyurethane, 440 g/sqm Утеплитель: Vario® Dry®, 100% Polyester, 120 g/sqm Подкладка: 100% Polyester, 120 g/sqm

1260 RUR

Red Fox похожие



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